This competition awards the façade solution that best resolves the functional and formal aspects using contemporary techniques, systems and materials always in accordance with the context of the project.


ONE - Calendar
- The submission period for proposals will begin at 12:00 a.m. GMT on 01 February 2019 and end at 12:00 a.m. GMT on 30 March 2019.

TWO - Requirements for participation
- The participant(s) must be able to demonstrate, if the jury so requests, that they are bachelor’s or master’s degree students of architecture, or that they were when they did the project submitted.
- The candidates must be the authors of the work presented. Facad3s is not responsible if a candidate submits a work by another author. If any anomalies are detected, the proposal will be automatically excluded.
- The prize is for the project, so submissions can be presented by one or more applicants. In joint submissions, all the above requirements must be met by all the applicants.
- The submitted works must correspond to the two calendar years prior to the call: that is, they must have been carried out between January 2017 and December 2018.
- The façade must be part of an architectural project. Partial façade exercises are excluded.

THREE - Form of participation
- In order to participate, applicants must use the “Submit” tab on the facad3s website to upload an explanatory text justifying the façade solution adopted, with five illustrative images of the solution. They must also fill in all the information requested. Proposals with incomplete information will be excluded.

FOUR - Assessment criteria
- Special value will be awarded to integration in the context, the relationship with the user, energy efficiency, wit in the construction solution, and innovation in all those aspects.

FIVE - Jury
- Depending on the number of proposals submitted, the team responsible for will make a pre-selection of between 20 and 30 proposals.
- The pre-selected proposals will be assessed by a jury of five members: a final year bachelor's or master’s degree student of the ETSAB; a professor of the ETSAB; an architect of renowned prestige in the field of façade enclosures; a representative of one of the sponsoring companies; and a representative of

SIX - Prize
- A single prize of €600 will be awarded. However, the jury may decide to share it among several of the submitted proposals if it deems fit.
- Several of the selected proposals will be published on together with the winner.

SEVEN - Rights to the submitted material
- Participants in the contest grant the rights to publish the submitted proposals. will at all times cite the authorship of the proposals that is publishes on the platform.