What is facad3s

Facad3s is a platform created with the aim of bringing together, under the same taxonomic structure, the different façade systems. The objective is making this disordered reality intelligible in order to easily understand it; consolidate the terminology facilitating the dialogue between technicians; and orienting the future developments.

Facad3s is an informative platform that, by showing the various façade systems organized according a complex but unique classification, eases the transversal reading providing:

  • students - study material that permits getting to know the constructive reality and the functioning of the façade enclosures of representative buildings, as well as being up-to-date with the most current solutions.
  • teachers - teaching material, contacts with companies of the façade industry and incentives through prizes and publications.
  • professionals - access to reference material, notes on regulations and documentation about technical innovations.
  • companies - a research tool that, by placing the various technologies and systems side by side, organized according a taxonomical table with several inputs, allows transversal readings of great interest. Thus, researchers can figure out future developments and propose transferring technology between systems.


Facad3s involves these four interlocutors by providing them with a common framework with a single language.


Facades is a platform coordinated by the Department of Architectural Technology of the School of Architecture of Barcelona (Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona - ETSAB), open to the collaboration of all those people who have interest and something to contribute with.