Façade of windows (136)


Façade of windows (136)

The classification system that guides this website organises facades according to the material form of the supporting element when on-site construction begins, and the water-tightness mechanism required. When considering these two main classifications, they are always applied to the façade as a whole - as a system, not just parts of it such as an individual window.

A window is not a façade - it is just one part of the façade; therefore, it shouldn’t have to be an individual part of this classification. But what happens when the façade is the sum of all the windows, which are not just exceptional cases. 

The tendency with the glass façade, together with a terrace or buffer or intermediate space, is progressively leading the solution towards windows which incorporate different types of solar protection. 

This system should be classified according to the material form of the supporting element on site as semi-finished products and/or components, which are fixed to different frames and substructures. Regarding water-tightness, this should be included among impermeable elements. 

The system therefore can be classified; however, the point is that in cannot be named: how do we refer to such a façade?