It goes about party walls (182)

It goes about party walls (182)

Next to the church's nave that Antonio de Moragas designed in an old warehouse in 1957, there is another old building, where the sacristy and some other dependencies are located, to which the urban planning has switched an old party wall into a façade.

A few meters away, Mercè Zazurca, Enrique Corbat, Xavier Botet, and César Sánchez design a party wall with façade functionalities.

If the ecclesiastical building attracts our attention, as far as façades are concerned, due to the naturalness with which this party wall, endowed with a few minimal openings and provided with a layer of white paint, is integrated into the new elevation for Josep Maria de Segarra street, the Center for Young People reveals to us the tricks with which the regulations can be "cheated."

Regulations do not permit placing openings in party walls. Therefore, as you can see in the images of the Center for Young People, there are no openings in the side wall. However, from the inside, we have light; we have something similar to non-practicable-windows. It is just the main wood structure of the building covered by two layers of polycarbonate and some added translucent insulation. 

Until the neighboring building is built, who knows when the Center for Young People users will have natural light from the southeast.