Marés cavity wall (127)

It is always a pleasure, in a world that tends toward the hyper-technological, to get back to historical constructional solutions, that when carefully considered, coherently combine different local resources: both natural and processed.

This solution is a cavity wall. A double wall where the interior, made with concrete blocks, is part of the main structure of the building; while the exterior, built with Marés stone, needs only to be self-supporting and is stabilized against the inner wall.

In between both walls, a micro-ventilated cavity allows condensation and rain water to dry to prevent it from seeping, after days of rain, through the Marés stone wall which has a certain degree of permeability.

Can Guillem i na Cati

Avinguda des Dau, 24
07230 Montuïri Baleares
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Ph 1 El Croquis

Ph 2-7, Andrés Echarri