Non continuous solution, continuous image (090)

A very interesting building.

The continuity of the envelope on the façade and roof is only formal, not constructive. The façade solves water tightness by means of a drained cavity, while the roof does so using an absolutely waterproof material. From the outside, they look the same.

Unlike the solutions we discussed in the study on Continuous enclosures, here the system of profiled trays as a water barrier, and aluminium cassette cladding for aesthetic purposes, is applied only to the roof. When the slope permits it, the watertight solution is provided by a drained cavity and, on those occasions, the inner layer is wet-constructed and heavy. Observe how a watertight membrane gives continuity to these two different strategies.




Musikene, Centro Superior de Música del País Vasco

Europa Plaza, 2
20018 San Sebastian Guipúzcoa
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Weight of the entire facade: 
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Ph 1-7, Andrés Echarri