Order in the variation vs. disorder in constancy (098)

The Hotel Constanza is part of the Illa Diagonal complex. Like the main building, the facade is solved with a travertine rain screen. It is striking the narrowness of the draining cavity, interrupted by the lack of cleanliness in the insulation solution surrounding the fixings.

But, beyond this execution problem, we want to highlight, especially thinking on the architecture students that follow this website, the importance of defining the cutting of the stone cladding and its relation to the position of the windows.

Faced with the cuttings that keep the width and height of the plates constant – like an array -, we want to value those that show that the architect has understood that, both for ease of execution and from a compositional point of view, the variation in the rhythm of the rows and columns taking into account the position of the holes gives an image of rigor and coherence.

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Hotel NH Collection Barcelona Constanza

Carrer de Déu i Mata, 69-99
08029 Barcelona Barcelona
Year of construction: 
Weight of the entire facade: 
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Ph 1-5, Andrés Echarri

Ph  6-12, Cristina Pardal