A rain screen with closed joints (115)

Rain screen facades solved with thin claddings are a good solution regarding watertightness and the sun radiation protection. Besides that, they permit a wide range of image variations and so are supposed to be a gift for most of the architects. However, for some of them, all those open joint claddings give somehow a sense of lack of robustness; the wall is just a veneer, a vail. 

The will to recover the image of stone-robust walls probably is behind the solution adopted in this building: a rain screen façade solved with a thin stone cladding WITH CLOSED JOINTS!!! Only the joints around the windows are open.

The green stone and the order of those big-size bronze-colored frames surrounding the windows give a really suggestive image.

Knowing that what it is, is not what it looks like… does it annoy you?

SBG Schönburg

Viktoriastrasse 21
3013 Bern
Year of construction: 
Weight of the entire facade: 
Finishing material: 
Supporting element: 

Ph 1-5, Cristina Pardal