Reinterpretation of the silo skin (180)

It's difficult not to be moved by the interior atmosphere created by the prefabricated blocks used in the construction of rice silos. Those spaces were not originally designed to be occupied, but we can now enjoy them thanks to their rehabilitation.

This simple block piece, with its sloping planes and small ventilation openings that also permit light ingress, offers a wealth of lights and shadows, enhanced by the curved shape of the silo itself. The light is soft and uniform.

The block piece is simpler in the hermitage, with a flat interior surface. The wall is also flat. This simple change completely alters the way the wall is illuminated. While in the silo, the light that enters through the holes illuminates the sloping planes, avoiding backlighting; this is not the case in the hermitage. The added volume over the existing construction is formed by starry planes. Points of light that stand out in a block wall.

Both solutions are highly suggestive.


Restoration of St John's hermitage in Ruesta

Camino de Santiago
Ruesta Zaragoza
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Weight of the entire facade: 
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Ph 1, 7-10 Cristina Pardal

Ph 2-6 Bergeraphoto_ Iñaki Bergera