Sober architecture (108)

Sober architecture but a confusing solution.

In this concrete façade: which is the main façade layer? The concrete panel 8 cm thick, or the brick wall? 

- Normally we first built the main façade layer and then we add the rest of the elements. In this case the brick wall was built before fixing the concrete panels. 
- The main façade layer bears wind loads. In this building the brick wall bears wind loads when the finishing is a hanged aluminum composite cladding. If the cladding is heavy - concrete -, maybe this brick wall is not enough for supporting it, and so the heavy cladding is fixed directly to the slabs, and so needs to cover at least 3m span and so needs thickness... consequently it can bear wind loads... what for do we need the brick wall then??

And, where do they stop the water from getting in? There is a flashing in the bottom of the gap between the brick wall and the concrete panel but this gap is full of insulation and so with no possibility for drainage. However the joints in the section seem to be open.

Who knows! We just wish things got clarified during the building process.

Xior Student Housing

Ronda de Sant Ramon de Penyafort, 261, 269
08930 Sant Adrià del Besòs Barcelona
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