Two windows meeting in one corner (095)

There are lots of things to say of each of the buildings we publish in this website. However, from the beginning we decided to focus just in one aspect or curiosity for each of them. 

In this occasion, the double concrete wall is so well done, perfectly continuous, smooth, with those slender mullions between openings, that it seems that it should be the subject. If you have the opportunity of visiting the building you will see that these amazing concrete surfaces continue in the inside! Who will look at the windows? Someone visiting the building it in the evening, (as I did the first time I went there), when the inside light makes visible something not really important but that architects need to be aware of.

So, let us draw your attention to the resolution of the corners where the windows located between concrete mullions, and between the two concrete walls, meet. If corners need, in general, special attention; add that fact that the windows that meet there have both quite narrow glass panes while their frame section is considerably thick. 

From the outside the window is blind in a third part of its surface.

Documentation Center for the History of National Socialism

Max-Mannheimer-Platz 1
80333 Munich
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