Light: 75 kg/m2 < p ≤ 125 kg/m2

The building that MAP Architects designed in Borneo dock, Amsterdam, resolves the envelopes in a very appropriate way at all scales.

Have a look to the study Profiled metal sheets for the free design of continuous enclosures for the technical approach and to the Video that Hector Orozco sent us for the sensitive one!!

Unitized façade system, which means, completely prefabricating the curtain wall solution. We get a panel, with all the onsite mounting benefits that panels may have; and light, permitting big components, maybe two story high. Preassembly allows including all the different facade layers in the same frame, and thus in one single panel. And the glass does not need to be related to transparency; it can simply cover the blind area of façade giving a continuous image from the outside, as we normally do in the slab edge front.



The building is very correct, discreet. The system was very innovative at that moment and for this place. Let us just mention something that, being obvious, always attracts our attention in this type of construction: the succession of technical fabrics that accompany an apparently simple construction. The issue is that building with brick brings benefits that we are not aware of until we lose them: the material is inert, the mechanism of union between pieces guarantees the sealing of the joints. Losing performances in the main façade layer means entrusting them to added elements.

Exciting challenge of Mecanotubo.

Over time, and with more perspective, one thing that will characterized the building construction of the second half of the twentieth century, reaching only until the beginning of the XXI in the Spanish context due to the restrictions on the inventiveness imposed by the regulations in this country, is the great proliferation of systems for the blind area of façade. All of them supported as systems by the industry, tending to be prefabricated and dry assembled and fixed.

Another classic that cannot be missed. Unquestionably impeccable. Let us simply highlight the potential that you can get resorting to a simple curtain wall but with few decisive variations: the exceptional glass -curvature, texture, roughness-; its format and size; and the lack of collinearity between mullions and transoms, enhancing horizontality. All of them contribute to accompany the gesture of both volumes towards the sea. The position of the two blocks, the volumetry and the facade definition, they all talk about the same.

In the middle (C.004)

The facade proposal carried out has been developed along with Martí Codorniu Miret. We both presented ourselves jointly to the competition with this unique participation.We are located in Cardedeu, right in the natural park of Belloch. There, it is proposed to carry out a Logistics Headquarters for TESLA, where we find a zone of assembly and storage of cars, a showroom, offices and the rest area of the workers.


The "Ribbons" project was created as a response to Poblenou and the people who are living in the neighborhood. Co-Housing is the idea that joins the intervention, social housing to strengthen community ties, avoiding thinking from the individuality of the buildings. The shape of the structure is a direct translation of pre-existing factories that fit with the complicated orientation of the Tupolev buildings that are on the seafront.The scale of the structure, on the other hand, responds more to the city than the houses it will take in.

Ikea who? (C.006)

This façade's goal is not to create a traditional static architectural image for the city, but to design a technological solution that responds to the inhabitant's complexity through their life course there.Therefore, we have developed prefabricated façade-ceiling-roof components, gathered in a catalogue.

Tradition with open joint (C.007)

How to introduce in a new building of housing the traditional aesthetics of facade of the old town of Barcelona?The proposal tries to introduce the shapes and textures of the traditional architecture of the context with the technologies of a prefabricated facade in order to combine the lightness of a rainscreen solution with the texture and materials of the place.The result is a plaster facade with open joints that remark the horizontals, aiming to give the shapes and shadows of the old balconies of Ciutat Vella.