BCA Arquitectura

Unitized panels: moving from the high-technological glass façade systems to a common façade solution with any openings distribution and finishing material possibilities.

The student’s residence on the Campus Diagonal uses two façade systems: the first, ETICS, solves water tightness through the impermeability of the rendering; the second, a rainscreen, uses an open-joint outer sheet and drainage of the cavity.

This building, and its façade, could easily go unnoticed. It is appropriate, but not boastful.

However, we wanted to draw attention to a very specific, educational aspect. Even though the two façade systems that are used are formed by two sheets with a cavity in the middle, their behaviour is very different. 
The outer layer made of flat plates with open vertical joints allows air and water to enter and exit the cavity through the joints. This is a ventilated and drained façade.