Sun protected facades: either ETICS or rain screen (070)

The building for the student’s residence at Campus Diagonal uses two different façade systems: the first, ETICS, solves water tightness thanks to the impermeability of the rendering; the second, rain screen, uses an open-joint outer sheet and the drainage of the cavity.
The ETICS facade, looking southeast, in the case of the highest volume is protected from solar radiation with horizontal slats that cover both the openings and the blind area. If a rain screen façade system would have been used for this enclosure, the "shadow" effect would have occurred without the need to add anything else since it is implicit in the rain screen façade. Obviously the building would not have been the same. We simply want to highlight, on the occasion of this case study, the double function, watertight and solar protection, of the rain screen façade, making this parallelism with an ETICS with some slats over it.

Residencia Universitaria Aleu

Carrer de Pau Gargallo, 30
08028 Barcelona Barcelona
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Ph 2,8,9 Andrés Echarri

Ph 1, 3-7 Cristina Pardal