bxd arquitectura

Architecture studio based in Barcelona, founded in 2008 by the architect and engineer Francesc Buixeda.The office is dedicated to developing different types of projects. Highlighted projects: the Hotel Terra located in Plaza España in Barcelona, the industrialized MG House in Sant Cugat del Vallès, and the high-rise housing project situated in Plaza Europa in the Hospitalet District, Barcelona.Bxd arquitectura is characterized by rigor in its entire design process:from conceptual design to its materialization, looking for a timeless architecture and paying special attention to the constructive solution.Bxd arquitectura offers a client oriented design process in order to ensure a quality customized product.

Resorting to precast concrete panels for the façade enclosure is nothing new. In fact, the use of said material in large-format boards of minimum-thickness is not new either, the ΩZ pre-stressed board system has been allowing it for some time. 

The thinness of the plate makes it difficult to perform an adequate sealing of the joint and therefore the tendency is to leave them open, and define a drained cavity on the back to grant water tightness. A rain screen.

Another example of good architecture and good construction from this young firm of architects.

We specially want to draw attention to the successful combination of materials and the interesting formal possibilities of the large-format cement boards.

The rhythm and location of the open joints in the outer layer of this rain-screen facade leads us to think about the traditional local solution of “envà pluvial” or ‘rain-shield’.

This is an excellent proposal for solving façade composition with a rectangular format checkerboard pattern (the blind and hollowed areas only touch at the apex), avoiding the presence of the slab.

Those who have faced this situation will know how difficult it is to unite at a vertex two openings on different floors, separated by a slab, without showing the thickness of this structural element.