Precast concrete boards (150)

Resorting to precast concrete panels for the façade enclosure is nothing new. In fact, the use of said material in large-format boards of minimum-thickness is not new either, the ΩZ pre-stressed board system has been allowing it for some time. 

The thinness of the plate makes it difficult to perform an adequate sealing of the joint and therefore the tendency is to leave them open, and define a drained cavity on the back to grant water tightness. A rain screen.

What happens then with the on-site assembly? The rain screen façade is assembled from the inside out, but the panel system requires an outside-in assembly to allow access to the panel fixings from each floor.

An interesting challenge to tackle that the ΩZ pre-stressed board solves ingeniously!

Tasman residential building

Carmen Amaya, 2
08960 Sant Just Desvern Barcelona
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