In between slabs (132)

This case helps us once more to illustrate how difficult it is naming and classifying the wide range of contemporary façade solutions.

Even though the façade mullions are not hanging from the front of the slab edges, it is a curtain wall. At least it is a façade where the main layer is built with semi-finished products assembled on site, and where the profiles being used have been designed so as to solve not only the bearing function but also water tightness, as in the curtain wall. The only difference with the common solution of that type of façade is the position regarding the slab.

The wish of the architects to highlight the horizontality of the slabs guided the constructive decision of placing the curtain wall in between them. It is clear that the solution differs from the common curtain wall in the way it stablishes the relation with the main structure of the building, and the consequences driven from that. However, it is a license of the architects to use systems the best way so as to formalise the design objectives.   



Radio Nacional de España

Carrer de Roc Boronat, 127
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