Energetic and watertight refurbishment (165)

A really interesting refurbishment proposal for a 1959 office building from a well-known catalane architect, Francesc Mitjans.

The challenge was renovating the façade, improving its thermal and watertight performance, while being respectful with a relevant building of the catalane recent architecture history.

Notice in the axonometric view how the new cladding is supported over a steel frame structure so as not to add new loads over a scarce hollow brick inner wall, of only 4 cm thick over the windows!!

The Harry Walker building

Av. de Josep Tarradellas 123
08029 Barcelona Barcelona
Year of construction: 
Weight of the entire facade: 
Finishing material: 
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Ph 2,5,6 Centre de Documentació, Arxiu Històric COAC 

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