Synthetic plywood

In this evolution of the rain screen façade towards prefabrication, seeking to build both, the interior and the exterior layers, with dry systems highly prefabricated, it is not that usual to find massive solutions. Those solutions would permit, not to lose thermal inertia, or decrease the acoustic barrier.

The inner sheet based on heavy concrete panels is a very good option.

In the same way that we wonder which came first the chicken or the egg, we could ask ourselves who takes the first steps in innovation, the architect proposing new solutions or the industry developing them. In most of the cases the developments of the industry respond or are suggested by new approaches propound by the architect.

Ikea who? (C.006)

This façade's goal is not to create a traditional static architectural image for the city, but to design a technological solution that responds to the inhabitant's complexity through their life course there.Therefore, we have developed prefabricated façade-ceiling-roof components, gathered in a catalogue.

Some cladding panels offer many possibilities. In these single-family houses in Palma, the panels used for the outer layer of a rainscreen façade are perforated in the terrace space to define an umbraculum. There is no change of material and the composition of prisms remains nearly unaltered; it is simply a matter of lattices.

There is no easy project, but it is particularly challenging to refurbish a residential building of this size in which, over the years, each occupant has modified their terrace individually. Here the architects solved the challenge with a few well-placed interventions.