Multilayer low environmental impact wall (162)

We are glad to upload this case to facad3s website for many reasons, the most relevant, the interest of the global constructive solution, and the appropriateness of having good quality cooperative social housing buildings.
We congratulate this young team of architects for their effort and succeed contributing to pull from the administrations so as to implement so innovative proposals in the Spanish context.

Regarding the façade, we want to underline how they transform a low-mass CLT structural wall into a radiant enclosure just by cladding it with 25 mm thick clay panels with integrated heating and cooling pipes. This low temperature heating system is connected to a geothermic energy source.

Unfortunately, as many times, architects are forced to add layers “to justify the solution”, when experimenting with new proposals. As there is no reference of the fire protection performance the clay panel may provide, the architects had to protect the structural wooden wall with gypsum panels as if the clay ones were not there.

We wish in the future the solution can evolve to a, maybe thicker clay cladding, for ensuring radiant heating and cooling, fire protection, acoustic absorption, hygroscopicity… all properties implicit in clay.

La Balma, cooperative housing

Espronceda 135
08005 Barcelona
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