Steel veiling (081)

In filt3rs we talk about “A unique wrapping”; P. Garrido and J. Prous in “Deep Skin” refer to “Burqas and veilings”. This project by IDOM also adopts the tendency to cover the building with a continuous skin that is more or less abstract and placed over a more functional enclosure.

On this occasion, the interior is glass and the outer skin a perforated metal sheet that reproduces the image of a green landscape.

IMAR did an exhaustive study of the image to be reproduced, the pixilation and the plate cutting to achieve this apparent randomness in the final image. These sophisticated tools were used to solve the formal aspects of a skin whose main functions are filtering the visual relationship between interior and exterior during the day, and partially obstructing sun radiation.

The light reproduced in the inner space due to direct sun radiation redraws the pattern of the metal sheet. This is plastically interesting, but not really comfortable for an office space.

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Calle B s/n Parc Tecnologic del Valles
08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès Barcelona
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Weight of the entire facade: 
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1-8, IDOM

9, Acieroid

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