Interesting double skin glass facade. A fully glassed inner skin, with the minimal structural profiles, and an outer one that gives a new rhythm to the building.

The cutting in half-height glasses of this outer glass skin, and its placement, varying the angle with respect to the front of the facade, distorts both the scale and the image being reflected over the glass.

One more classic, an exceptional building and an exceptional facade.

Rafeal de la Hoz gives us this risky solution of double skin façade where the outer open joint glass layer is only supported by glass ribs. A minimal elegant solution for such an amazing building.

Observe how the outline of the building fades into the sky thanks to the ethereal glazed aureole that surrounds it.

We want to use the case of this residential building in Barcelona to highlight the huge number of substructures that appear in many buildings so as to support the various enclosures, divisions, cladding, or finishing elements.

In the specific case of this façade, we have a substructure for the balconies glass doors, plus the substructure of the glass banister in some points, plus the substructure of the slab lining, plus the substructure on the top of the large curved glass that closes the ground floor, and so on. 

The complexity of such an enormous building would permit referring to different facades. In this occasion we just want to share with you some images of the erection of the facades solved with unitized panels. A single skin in one case and a double one in the other. 

If the tendency is to fill our architecture with all type of gadgets so as to self-produce the energy the users need for their wellbeing, we need to accept that either the building on its global formalisation, or some of the systems being used for its construction, need to integrate those productive gadgets.

Energetic productivity is a design requirement.

Have a look to this façade solution, to the characteristics of the different layers overlapped, and then have a look to the Torre Agbar façade solution.

They look quite similar: a wall, in one case made of small elements while in the other made of concrete poured on site, a ribbed metal sheet, glass slats. In both cases the thermal insulation is in the inside.

Unitized panels: moving from the high-technological glass façade systems to a common façade solution with any openings distribution and finishing material possibilities.

Sober and spectacular coherence in this example where the structural system is the only one articulating the whole.

This case helps us to illustrate these facade solutions based on the summation of "windows". See the study Façade of windows.

Interesting curtain wall passing bay the front of the slab each two floors. The sun protection adds some complexity. A good example so as to analyse different fixing mechanisms.

We do not fail to insist on the inadequacy of resorting to nearly completely glassed façades in our climate. That said, and letting ourselves get carried away by formal issues, we can only applaud the wise decision to force imperfection.