The Mountain House: Housing in Poblenou 2 (C.009)

Rainscreen facade with aluminium profiles structure and cladded with cement wood board with a second skin of U-GlassThis housing building is located in Barcelona, a city know for its warm and humid clima. This is the second facade of the building, the one that gives access to the housing throgh a gangway that runs the building. It is also a place for the neighbors to hang out and take their furniture outside, becoming another room of the house. This facade is mainly facing north and it is first closed with two U-Glass skins, allowing the air to flow and ventilate but protectin the corridor from the water. The main enclosure consist on a rainscreen facade (not ventilated) with a  simple structure of aluminium profiles.

Elisa Aguado, Delfina Capiglioni

UPC _ School of Architecture of Barcelona - ETSAB
5th G

The Mountain House: Housing in Poblenou

Passeig de Calvell, 19
08005 Barcelona Barcelona
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