Profiled sheet

Have a look to the study Profiled metal sheets for the free design of continuous enclosures for the technical approach and to the Video that Hector Orozco sent us for the sensitive one!!

It is not easy solving the entire envelope of the building, facade and roof, with a continuous mantle of variable slopes from 0% to 100%. If the tightness in the facade plane has been entrusted to geometry and drainage, where gravity acts in our favour; in the roof that solution will not be possible. The changes of slope in a topography of rounded ridges, generates practically zero slope planes, which can only be resolved with absolutely waterproof materials.

Profiled metal trays, so common in industrial buildings, find a new use in this residential complex in Guadalajara, Spain. Even with great appreciation of the cleverness and simplicity of the solution, we cannot fail to mention problems such as the thermal bridges that occur through the metallic ribs, the lack of steam permeability, or the compositional limitations derived from the tray width.The thermal bridges are easily resolvable with additional insulation.