Profiled metal trays for the facade support in a residential block (017)

Profiled metal trays, which are so common in industrial buildings, find a new use in this residential complex in Guadalajara, Spain. 

Although we greatly appreciate the cleverness and simplicity of the solution, there are problems we cannot deny: thermal bridges through the metal ribs, the lack of water vapour permeability and the compositional limitations derived from the tray width. 

Thermal bridges are easy to resolve with additional insulation. The placement of this new insulation forces a vapour barrier on the inside to avoid interstitial condensation between the metal sheet and the insulation. Compositional limitations are more difficult to remedy; we have to consider these limitations during the design process.

Innovation has its risks. We would like to honour all the risky initiatives that arise from detecting a need and trying to find an answer for it. 


Av. de Beleña, 7
19005 Guadalajara Guadalajara
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