Curtain wall cladded with clay tiles (010)

Mecanotubo is one of the façade industries that most invested the latest 90s’ in Catalonia to give a unitary response to the rain screen façade.They wagered to adapt the stick curtain wall technology to this two layers facade. As it happens in Carburos Metalicos façade, the resulting inner sheet provides water tightness enough to consider the drainage cavity, and consequently the outer layer, unnecessary. This outer layer has here a mere coating role.This very well-aimed attempt has a cost problem: it is too expensive if we compare it to the usual inner wall made of brick. That problem is aggravated when the width of the sandwich panel makes it necessary to arrange the mullions very closely. Trying to save on profiles by removing some transoms generated, in this first assay, mechanical problems that were rectified in later projects such as the AB Skipper Hotel in Barcelona.

Apartments block

Carrer de la Plaça 23-25
08784 Piera Barcelona
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Cristina Pardal

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Grupo Mecanotubo