Perfect imperfection (114)

We will not fail to insist on the inadequacy of resorting to nearly completely glassed facades in our climate. That said, and letting ourselves be carried away by formal issues, we can only applaud the wise decision to force imperfection.
The curvature in the lower part of the cantilevered volume resolved with triangular glass planes, with difficult encounters between them, and with the vertical façade planes.
How to integrate this geometrical and constructive complexity into the neat and homogeneous context of a glass facade? Forcing the imperfection. Just by breaking the order of the cutting, interrupting the continuity of apparent mullions, randomly interposing glasses of different characteristics, as if they had been broken and replaced without care. Just being perfectly imperfect.

Gas Natural Headquarters

Plaça del Gas, 2
08003 Barcelona Barcelona
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Ph 1-5, Andrés Echarri

Ph 6-12, Cristina Pardal