Prefabricating the use of the small-format ceramic piece (074)

Regarding the façade strategy, from Ircam to Saint Giles, Piano offers different proposals for closing the facade with prefabricated panels finished with ceramic pieces. It is interesting to see how these initial concerns and approaches accompany him throughout his career: prefabricating the use of the small-format ceramic pieces.

The facade of Ircam is, for its simplicity and cleverness, one of the most interesting. A young Renzo Piano that, possibly, did not have all the resources at his reach, had to sharpen his wit. Having more means does not imply better architecture but simply more complex and expensive one.

It is funny to see -in one of the images below- the scarce interest shown by Terreal, at that time, on the proposal. A proposal that, nowadays is, as we have already said, an architecture masterpiece. Terreal mentions the solution in the catalogue in one corner of the page. They include an image and a text: “Les mulots perforés peuvent aussi être utilizes sur support métallique suivant l’inspirationdes architects (IRCAM, cabinet Renzo Piano)”


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1 Place Igor Stravinsky
75004 París
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Weight of the entire facade: 
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