Stone prefabricated cladding (117)

Although prefabricated concrete panels incorporating stone claddings are not something new -as an example to highlight the Hotel in Plaza España, designed by the architect Enric Garces, and built in 1990-; we want to draw attention on the appropriateness of the solution today.

As we mentioned in the wake of the SBG Schönburg building in Bern, the open-joint claddings are in crisis -not because of their performance, which nobody questions, but merely due to formal reasons.

In that occasion: cream color stone, maybe sandstone, similar to Montjuich’s stone. In a building located in the Barcelona Eixample, peeping out in Passeig de Gracia Avenue, side by side with the Cases d'Antoni Rocamora complex; and with the massiveness of a wall: no open joints.

Barcelona Hotel Me

Carrer de Casp, 13
08010 Barcelona Barcelona
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