Pich-Aguilera Arquitectes

In this evolution of the rain screen façade towards prefabrication, seeking to build both, the interior and the exterior layers, with dry systems highly prefabricated, it is not that usual to find massive solutions. Those solutions would permit, not to lose thermal inertia, or decrease the acoustic barrier.

The inner sheet based on heavy concrete panels is a very good option.

This residential building in Barcelona highlights because of the global strategy that leads to solve the structural system, and facilities in a specific way. It is one of the first examples in the work of this team of architects that show a way of doing based in the optimisation of prefabricated elements according a well organised floor plan arrangement.

Here we are going to focus on the facade, our subject. The facade follows the constructive logic of the whole and, therefore, seeks the rationality of precast systems.

The façade solution for the Institut de Recerca of the Hospital de Sant Pau illustrates the collaboration of Pich-Aguilera Arquitectes with formalization very similar to that of the Leitat building. If we look at the naked image of the thermal and watertight envelope, the two buildings can hardly be distinguished. In addition, both are covered with a ceramic lattice that partially hides the inner closure from the sun.

Pich Aguilera studio is one of the non-conservative teams that always attract our attention, due to the overall formalization of their buildings and the technological strategies they adopt.