Sun protected facade (072)

Pich Aguilera studio is one of those non-conservative teams that always attract our attention, not only due to the global formalization of their buildings, but also for the technological strategies being adopted.

In Leitat building, besides amazing proposals like the cantilevered structure, the architects explore the possibilities of the ventilated façade. We do not want to call it rain screen as the inner layer already is water and air tight. So, even tought this ceramic outer layer, and the cavity behind it, obviously help stopping water entries, this is not their main function. Not having to satisfy the waterproof function permits mucho more freedom of design: the joints dimension or even the discontinuity of the outer screen are not coercive parameters; even the cavity does not need to be uninterrupted.

Leitat Technological Center

Carrer Pallars, 179
08005 Barcelona Barcelona
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Ph 1-6 Pich-Aguilera

Ph 7-9 Cristina Pardal

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Pich-Aguilera architects