An amazing facade with an amazing performance (068)

The energy-efficient architecture is not conditioned to a certain image. This is clear in the work of Sauerbruch & Hutton, with a sober but colorful image.
The climatic behaviour of the building, and the facade as part of it, is explained by Andrew Kiel in the presentation Integrated design and detail for sustainable buildings; Wicona shows us its construction: from the assembly of unitized panels in a workshop, to its setting up in the working site - - Impeccable!
Facad3s would like to emphasize the working procedure, the close relationship between a team of architects and an engineering firm. This collaboration is common in their work. It allows conceiving buildings of a certain complexity where energy issues are already in the first sketches.
Sauerbruch & Hutton are an example of integration of variables from the zero moment. All those variables evolve in a progressive and coordinated way achieving a coral and interlocked architecture.  Absolutely none of the parts can be understood without the comprehension of the whole.

Behaviour (pg113):
Integrated design and detail for sustainable buildings  Andrew Kiel

Construction:  Wicona

KfW Headquarters

Facade Consultancy: 
Zeppelinallee, 6
60325 Frankfurt
Year of construction: 
Weight of the entire facade: 
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Ph 1,2 Wicona