Cantilevered double skin unitized panels (004)

In a city where iconic buildings follow each other, Grimshaw studio seeks to highlight using colour. Beyond chromatic issues, what we are interested to emphasize here is the complexity of the unitized panel formed by a double sheet and anchored in its upper third, at a certain distance from the top.The panel is transported, hoisted and placed with the double sheet already assembled. The interior sheet ensures water tightness and thermal insulation while the exterior, which partially covers the panel, acts as a solar protection. The discontinuity of the outer sheet creates a series of recesses in the plane of the facade that the architect uses to hide the horizontal joint. As these setbacks occurs at a certain distance from each floor, part of the panel is cantilevered. The one above is then stabilize against horizontal loads at a weak point of the facade. Possibly this issue justifies the design of different anchors on the first two floors where apparently the free span is larger.

138 Houndsditch
United Kingdom
Year of construction: 
Weight of the entire facade: 
Finishing material: 
Supporting element: 

Cristina Pardal
Ph2: Hufton + Crow, from Grimshaw website