An Umbraculum over a glaze facade (062)

Batlle and Roig designed a double skin façade for this office building in 22@. The interior layer meets the thermal requirements as well as air and water tightness, while the exterior one delimits the building volumetrically and seeks to improve its thermal behavior.

We distrust the effectiveness that the ceramic baguettes may have as sunscreen, valuing however the richness in lights and shadows that they generate. The smooth and cold surface of a glazed envelope adopts a much more Mediterranean image when having an umbraculum over it. Sky reflections, brightness and shadows.

From a more technical point of view we want to draw attention to the clarity of the constructive solution adopted and the effectiveness of resorting to curtain wall profiles to define the frames of the openings.

Oficinas Colonial 22@

Carrer Granada, 150
08018 Barcelona Barcelona
Year of construction: 
Weight of the entire facade: 
Finishing material: 
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Ph 1-3 Andrés Echarri

Ph 4-5 Cristina Pardal

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Batlle i Roig Arquitectectura