Double skin at two different scales: the user and the city (033)

This emblematic building in the London financial district maintains its formal unity beyond the differences in the design of the façades depending on their orientation. The case "Devoid of the human scale (034)" describes the southwest façade of the same building. The southeast and northwest façades attract our attention due to the sobriety conferred by the enormous glazed surface, which is only interrupted every three floors by horizontal bands of stainless steel. This abstract, dematerialized skin hides a façade with openings of a domestic size, accessible to the user and not completely glazed. This is a much more functional enclosure. If the inner “façade” belongs to the user, the outer one belongs to the city. However, both work together to filter the exterior conditions and achieve a comfortable interior space. Ventilation between the two glazed layers is continuous along each of the three stories, corresponding with each "village". An operable blind is placed in this cavity between the glass.

Heron Tower

110 Bishopsgate
United Kingdom
Year of construction: 
Weight of the entire facade: 
Finishing material: 
Supporting element: 

Ph1a, Ph3, Ph5-11: Cristina Pardal

Ph1b, Ph2, Ph4: Courtesy of KPF